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Real Bride Spotlight: Erica

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Erica and Jordan were married in a gorgeous outdoor wedding on April 28, 2017. Continue reading for more on their simple wedding and how Erica knew her Wedding Angels dress was the perfect one!

Jordan and I met in an unconventional way... we first saw each other at a funeral for a mutual family friend on June 4th, 2016. We both noticed each other but obviously it was the wrong time or place to strike up a conversation. A few days later, another mutual friend of our's called me and told me about a guy who thought I was cute and wanted to see if I was available or interested in dating. After that call, Jordan messaged me on Facebook and that turned into texting and a first date on June 10th. What started as a coffee date turned into dinner and then a movie! It was so amazing, I remember texting my mom during the date as I went to the restroom letting her know how much fun I was having and how kind and genuine he was.

A few months later, on November 23rd, Jordan and I had planned to go out and have a breakfast date before the Thanksgiving festivities began. He told me that we were going to go somewhere new and we got into his car and he took us to a spot in Ball Ground called Gibbs Gardens. He wanted to walk around and explore and when we got to the Japanese Gardens, he pulled out a letter that he wanted to read to me (a normal thing for us to do) which ended with him taking my hand and asking me to marry him. He had even hired photographers to be there and we got back to the front gate and my entire family was waiting there for us. It was my perfect engagement.

At first we did not know what we wanted to do with our wedding theme, but we did know that we did not want a barn involved (just not our style). We found a venue in Woodstock that had more of an industrial vibe to it and we really loved the look and feel of it. It was very casual and comfortable which was exactly what I wanted. Our ceremony was outside with some big beautiful green trees so we wanted to keep it simple so our colors were on the neutral side. Groomsmen wore gray with navy ties, ladies wore navy dresses, and all of the bouquets were heavy with greenery and some simple white flowers. Everything was just simple and casual, just like I had hoped it would be.

My favorite memory from the wedding was getting to pray with Jordan before the ceremony. We decided that once we left the rehearsal dinner and parted ways, we would not text, call, or see until I was in the white dress walking down the aisle. Getting to hold his hand, giggle around the corner from him with him, and knowing that he would be at the end of the aisle made everything feel so real to me. Like I was thinking, "Wow. We're getting married. I can't wait to be an hour from now and be his wife forever.

I loved everything about the Wedding Angels experience. I called and scheduled a time to go dress shopping one day after work, I knew I needed a dress to be decided on as soon as possible with a short engagement. I brought my mom and my soon-to-be sis-in-law to help as they are both not shy about their opinions and I am very indecisive at times. I explained to Leslie what type of dress I was looking for and she then told us all to search through the inventory and just grab any dress that we thought was fitting to my style.

After around 7 dresses were picked to try on, Leslie brought in one more. She said they had just received the dress earlier in the day and asked me to try it on and see how it worked. Once I came out of the dressing room in it, tears were shed. I thought, "This can't possibly be real" because every single thing I wanted in a dress was in this Casablanca gown. I even tried other dresses on afterward to see if that changed how I felt about the dress and all I could think about while trying on other dresses was how I wanted to be back in the Casablanca dress. I loved it.

The Wedding Angels process from start to finish was excellent and tailored to me and my needs. We even went back and got a headband for me to wear on the wedding day with my dress during one of my fittings. I am so glad I have had such a great experience and have been able to share it with friends!

Venue: Venue 92, Woodstock, GA

Flowers: A Delicate Petal by Melissa

Food: Adrienne's Delectables

Cake: Publix

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Dec 31, 2020

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