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The Best Advice from Our Brides

Choosing the wedding gown for your big day is an important and exciting choice! To help you out, we've compiled some of our favorite advice given by Wedding Angels brides.

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"My advice for other brides would be, it’s good to have an idea of what you like, but also be open to trying on everything! I was so surprised with how my body was presented through gowns that I would never in a million years would look good on me! Wedding gowns are NOTHING like your typical shopping trip, and you will genuinely see yourself as a different (and confident) woman! Also…trust your consultant ;)" - Victoria

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"My advice to future brides when its comes time to find a dress is to be open to any and all styles. You may think you know what looks best on you but try different styles. Also, don't be discouraged if there is a dress that does not fit you correctly. Alterations do wonders to the dress! Have fun, relax and you will look beautiful on your wedding day." - Jacqui

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"The advice I would give to other brides is to keep an open mind. You may go in thinking you want one thing (which is fine) but why not try on some other styles… just to see. You only get the chance to try on wedding dresses once, so have fun with it! Also, you know what looks best on your body.. so if you don’t like something you try on but your entourage loves it… SO WHAT! Remember, this is your wedding day. Don’t try to please everyone else, because when it comes to your wedding dress, truly the only opinion that should matter is your own." - Lauren

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"Don't choose a gown that fits into any particular "theme," but choose the gown that makes you most beautiful!" - Brittany

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"The advice I would give to a bride trying to pick out a gown would be do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. I had a certain dress in my head I thought I was going to get and ended up with something completely opposite. AND LISTEN TO AND TRUST YOUR BRIDAL CONSULTANT! They really know what they are doing! Also, have fun! This is such a special and fun time- enjoy every second!" - Kerri



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