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#LetsGetMarried Wedding Q&A

We couldn't be more thrilled to share the wedding inpso for our #LetsGetMarried winner! Elizabeth and her fiancé Ryan will be tying the knot at Southern Charm Social in historical downtown Roswell.

It's truly in the name - our historic wedding venue is dripping top-to-bottom in that one-of-a-kind charm and grace in the South. From the first time we laid eyes on the for sale sign on Mimosa Blvd, we knew the space had to be ours.

As we restored the interior and designed rooms for the boutique including patterened wall paper and floor to ceiling dressing areas, we envisioned bridal parties also getting ready with their bride for big wedding day reveals. Outside, our gardens and courtyard were already perfectly primed for micro wedding gatherings with roses, azaleas, hydrangeas, lilies, and many other thoughtfully selected blooms that had been cared for by the previous owner as their personal home.

Our historic Roswell venue is aflutter with the type of romantic charm we knew would be just perfect for a wedding day dream. While 2020 had many challenges for brides, we have to admit we're quite smitten with the micro wedding trends that have emerged. After what feels like an eternity for so many brides playing wait-and-see, we can't wait to see this beautiful couple bring their wedding vision life at Southern Charm Social this April.

Q: How did you and your sweetheart meet?

A: The night Ryan and I met was very memorable as it was the night the Falcons blew their lead and lost the Super Bowl back in 2017. We were friends for over a year before we finally started dating. Since then, we've traveled around, moved to Pittsburgh, then St. Kitts, and I'm excited to see where we'll end up in the future.

Q: How did your fiancé propose?

A: We all went (Ryan, myself, and the dog) to a sunflower farm which is my favorite flower. We walked around for a bit until Ryan asked me to read our dog Annie's collar. It read "Will You Marry My Dad"? Ryan's grandparents were also there to surprise us and take some pictures of the moment. Ryan's grandad is a great photographer and it was special to have them included in the moment as well. Ryan followed up the proposal by hosting a surprise party with our closest friends who are now all in our wedding party downtown.

Q: How did COVID change your initial wedding plans? How did you adapt to the “new normal”?

A: Our initial wedding plans were to hold a wedding ceremony in St. Kitts where I attend veterinary school year-round. However, St. Kitts is very strict in regards to COVID. The quarantine restrictions were just too long and expensive to be able to ask friends and family to travel there for a ceremony. Planning something in the US while I was away and unable to see anything in person was seeming impossible as well prior to winning the contest!

Q: What were the main things you were looking for in a gown?

A: The main things I was looking for in a gown were something boho style, light, and just something that felt good for the day! I am drawn to a rustic, boho, and minimalistic style. For me, simple is elegant.

Q: What were your favorite things about the SCS venue that drew you to it?

A: We loved the historic feel. Downtown Roswell is special to us as many of our early dates were here. It is also close to both of our families. This was so important to us as we wanted our families to be able to safely and easily travel to our ceremony during COVID.

Q: What are you most excited for on your big day?

A: We are so excited to finally say "I Do." I'm ecstatic that we will be able to have a wedding prior to my graduation, so I can finish school as Dr. Prince. We're also excited to do the wedding in our own way by incorporating our style and love for animals into the day as well.

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Steele Nickle
Steele Nickle
06 de mai.

After what feels like an eternity for so many brides playing wait-and-see, we can't wait to see this beautiful couple bring their wedding vision life at Southern Charm Social this April. geometry dash lite

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