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Real Bride Spotlight: Taylor

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Read all about Real Bride Taylor's magical day built around the seasons of life, and the eternal season that is a beautiful, lifetime commitment to one another.

Elijah and I met in undergrad at The University of Georgia. We were both so passionate and ready to run the show of an organization of which we both held executive board seats. Initially, this led to some head-butting and a rocky start. However, it quickly grew into a friendship once we both realized how much we had in common. It didn't take long for us to realize that the other was just the person that our hearts were needing.

But, as bad timing would have it, just as we were starting to really fall in love, Elijah graduated and headed to the Washington D.C. for graduate school. We managed a long distance relationship as I was finishing up at UGA, but knew that we wanted to be together for the long haul. So, just three short days after graduating in the spring of 2015, I joined Elijah in DC.

Later that December, Elijah suggested we get friends and family together for a fun Christmas party. The enthusiastic host and event planner in me was all over that idea. Little did I know, I was planning my own engagement party! After a great night of food, dancing and socializing,I was preparing to thank everyone for coming and send them on their way. Elijah stopped me mid-sentence, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him with the most beautiful words and I, of course, said "yes!" 

I would describe the style of our wedding as "rustic glam." It was very simple and natural with a splash of glitz! The colors were rose gold, navy, and raspberry. We had and an underlying theme of  "seasons" to represent all that Elijah and I had gone through together that led us to our forever season that we coined "StaggersSeason." We incorporated this in a subtle way with the centerpieces at the reception. Baby's breath submerged in water vases gave the appearance of snow, the assortment of flowers represented summer and spring, and rustic branches with volitive candles represented fall. Lastly, tree trunks were the base of everything representing nature and a tree's lasting presence through all seasons.

Just one favorite memory, how's a girl to choose!? Though it was a blur looking back, the day was absolutely perfect and such a fairytale. However, if I have to pick one moment, I would have to choose Elijah's reaction as I entered into the ceremony. His emotion touched my heart and soul like never before. It felt like it was just the two of us in the chapel and I felt so loved, beautiful and thrilled that I was marrying a man who was just as in love with me, as I was with him. I hope every bride gets to feel that on her day!  

I loved my dress! The beading and detail of the bodice were to die for, but my absolute favorite part of the dress was the skirt. Wedding Angels actually worked with, me to customize my gown by adding a beautiful layer of sparkle fabric under the original layers. This made my wedding dress all the more perfect and it was amazing to know it was original and made just for me!  

Planning a wedding out of state is a challenge in itself and wedding dress shopping proved itself to be very complicated. However, Wedding Angels came to the rescue! I found Wedding Angels after collecting a list of boutiques that carried the designer of my first dress choice. Though they carried the line, they did not have the particular style I was interested in. Here comes the superhero of customer service; they contacted the designer and had a dress sent to the shop during my trip to Atlanta from DC. Though I ultimately went with another style (picked out by a Wedding Angels team member) this level of commitment and service was held up through the entire process. 

Everyone at Wedding Angels is absolutely amazing! Every visit was like a VIP experience. I could tell that the staff genuinely cared and wanted my dress and my entire day to be perfect and were willing to do all they could to make sure that happened.

Videography- Dexter of Scrill Davis Mediawi



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