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Real Bride Spotlight: Lauren

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Wedding Angels Bride Lauren and her husband Jeremy had a beautiful and heartfelt wedding at West Milford Farms before friends and family. Read all about their big day below!

Modern day technology and smartphone apps are to blame for how we met! Never in a million years did either of us think we would be marrying someone that we ran across on an app that required you to swipe right for, "YASSSS I like what I see" and left for "Meh, not for me". Well long story short, we both swiped right!

Jeremy and I got engaged on April 14, 2018. Since we met, Jeremy has always been the one to say, "I can't wait to marry you." He took every little thing I said about a proposal and made it come to life. I was adamant on it being very low key and having it just be the two of us. We went with a couple of friends on a day trip to Blue Ridge, where we made a pit stop at Fort Mountain State Park. It was earlier in the morning and not very many people were around. So, overlooking the mountains in Blue Ridge, he got down on one knee and asked for forever. It was the most perfect day.

My wedding vibe was very rustic chic. West Milford Farms was the most perfect venue for us because even without doing much, there was so much character. We incorporated a lot of greenery and gold accents on the tables and throughout the rustic barn. All while pulling in our pale pink and dusty blue color pallet in the flowers and on the cake.  

Not to sound cliché, but Jeremy's face when I was walking down the aisle is something I will relive over and over. Typically, I am the crier in our relationship. You give me a good puppy commercial or a solider coming home video and there are just buckets of tears. But on our wedding day, I was filled with so much joy. I turned the corner to walk down the aisle and his face exhibited every emotion that I was feeling. His tears, his smile, and the unmatched joy on his was such a special moment that I will never forget!

I also want to share my favorite detail of my wedding: my bouquet. I unexpectedly lost my dad about a month before Jeremy proposed. He always told me his biggest regret was not getting to ask my dad for his permission to marry me. I knew I wanted to incorporate my dad in some way on this special day. Therefore, I chose to wrap my bouquet in one of my dad's ties, so it was like he was still holding my hand as I walked down the aisle.

I hadn't really put much thought into what my perfect wedding dress would be. I made a couple of appointments about 9 months from my wedding. I knew I wanted it to be something special that would be just my mom and I. I trust her opinion more than anyone's and I didn't want to have so many different tastes and styles in one room pulling me in different directions. I wanted it to be my choice with no influence from anyone else. I would say it fell into the middle of my planning process. but it couldn't have been a more perfect time.

It is so hard to pick just one thing that I loved about my dress. My dress is so unique and it's something I had never seen before. I love that there is so much detail, all the way down to the different layers of material in the skirt. The bodice is all cotton lace and the sweetheart neckline is to DIE for!

There is nothing I could say to do Wedding Angels any justice on the experience that they provided me. It was a cold and rainy December day. I had made 2 appointments for the same day, but Wedding Angels was the first stop. Over the previous months, I had seen a few people I knew find their dresses at Wedding Angels, so I figured I will just book an appointment and see what happens...and I'm beyond thankful that I did.

I arrived at Weddings Angels with my mom. I had a few ideas in mind of what I wanted. I wanted an A-line dress, but nothing strapless and not a ball gown.

When I first met my consultant, we clicked immediately. I was telling her what I liked and showed her some pictures that I had in mind. She let me browse the dress selection and pull what I wanted, while she went and pulled a few things that she thought I would like. I started trying dresses on and had picked a few that I liked and threw out some that just weren't doing it for me. I was in the dressing room and she looked at me and said, " Now I know you said you didn't want strapless, but I want you to try this one on, just trust me,". I looked at her like she was out of her mind because I specifically said I did not want a strapless dress, but I figure I would amuse her and try it on. Y'all...the second I put that dress on and she zipped me up, it was like that dress was made for me.

There was something about the elegance and uniqueness of the dress that I couldn't get over. I walked into the room where my mom was waiting and the look in her eye said it all. I told them both, " I like this one, but I have to be sure and still try on the other one's that I pulled,". I went through about 15 dresses and narrowed it down to two. When I put my dress on for the second time, that was all it took. The way it hugged my waist and flowed down to the floor was just perfect. While staring at myself in the dress, there were other consultants walking by and they all stopped and said, "Please tell me that's your dress..." I knew I had found the ONE!

My advice to other brides is don't be afraid to try something you normally wouldn't and step outside of your comfort zone! I was so lucky to have my consultant pick out this dress for me, even though it was nowhere near what I had envisioned! Also, don't be afraid to say "no." If you aren't feeling it, then move on. Don't let others opinions and styles influence you on what you are wearing on one of the biggest days of your life!

Makeup: Sarah Prochaska

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