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Real Bride Spotlight: Kelcie

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

After a heartfelt proposal, Kelcie and her husband Matt were married at The Tate House in beautiful North Georgia. They enjoyed an elegant ceremony with friends and family. Read more about their amazing day below!

Kelcie and Matt met when they started working together in Auburn in early summer of 2015. The circumstances had to be perfect, and fate was on their side. The first indication of attraction was their love of music; they’d share all the concerts they’d been to and those they really wanted to see. Her music taste was impeccable and refined and he was smitten early on. The first spark was initiated some time later, but it is still a subject of debate on who initiated it. Regardless, they both knew they had something special in the other. Their first challenge came at the end of the summer, when Matt moved to Atlanta.

They kept talking, but didn’t officially start dating until late November. After they decided to make it official, there was no looking back. They made it a point to see each other as much as possible, with Matt driving down to Auburn every chance he could get. He wanted to be there for her and with her every opportunity he could muster. It didn’t take long for Matt to know he had fallen head-over-heels for Kelcie and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

They had thought about when to get married and determined they should wait until Kelcie was closer to graduating college. Matt waited patiently even though he wanted nothing more to go and buy her a ring. By March of 2017, he had the ring in hand. Matt had the ring, but there was one thing missing – he had to ask her parent’s permission. This was the last hurdle, and though it seemed daunting, he had gotten to know the Halls quite well after they moved back to the States from Italy.

Late in March, he asked them if they could meet him for dinner. He was a nervous wreck when he met them because there was a lot up in the air including what Kelcie was going to do for work after college. He decided that he should wait a little bit longer. Matt got to know Kelcie’s parents even better during the following weeks and felt the time to ask them was finally at hand. He knew that Kelcie was throwing him a birthday party at her parent’s lake house and believed it would be the perfect time to surprise her. It was now or never. He organized a meeting with her parents again, this time at their house. He went in with a battle plan and a speech he’d been rehearsing all day. Perhaps he was a bit over prepared because they gladly accepted his request and offered any assistance they could provide. He was in.

The stage was set, he had the ring and all he needed was for her to say, “YES”. At Matt’s birthday party, all of their friends knew about the engagement that was imminent. They all kept the secret while she was unaware of what would be happening later. Before he popped the question, he had coordinated with all the friends and family to meet away from the house, while a distinct group (including Matt’s brother, sister, and their spouses) got ready to go to dinner. Everyone said their “goodbyes” and went to take their places. The girls kept Kelcie busy while the guys helped Matt put the final touches on the dock.

Matt’s heart was racing when he saw her. When she saw him on the dock, she gave him a soft smile, but wondered why he was alone. She didn’t realize what was going on until she was feet away from the dock. As she got closer, everything clicked and she let out a shocked gasp. Tears of joy started flowing as Matt started fumbling through a short speech he had prepared. He had rehearsed the words all day and couldn’t wait to ask her, “will you marry me?” She accepted the proposal and then a large cheer erupted from the upper deck. She was shocked again, as she didn’t know all of her friends and family would be a part of the celebration. Kelcie and Matt found each other during a very hectic time in each of their lives. They endured many challenges, but they made it a point to weather them together.

For our wedding, we wanted something that would fit our personalities. Matt and I are both very laid-back, but wanted a beautiful celebration with our closest 175 friends. The wedding was elegant and beautiful! We picked The Tate House because neither of us are great planners and they provided everything we would ever need in-house. Our colors were blush pink, ivory and steel blue. It was perfect for our June wedding. My bridesmaids had a touch of each color in their bouquet, and mine was mainly ivory. Bridesmaid dresses, the bride’s heels, as well as the groomsmen’s ties, were steel blue. The groom’s tie was blush pink.

Our favorite memory from the day was our first look. The beginning of the day had witnessed torrential downpours, a tree falling on the property, and even a rumored tornado in the area, Right before we took our pictures, the sun came out and the sky was beautiful! Our first look gave us the chance to laugh and cry about the change of events that had occurred all day, and allowed us to collect ourselves for the ceremony. We were all smiles now that we had the chance to spend a few minutes alone.

My dress was one of my FAVORITE parts! The first thing that drew me to it was how flattering it was, even with clips all around it to secure it! The lace detail was impeccable and the low, see-through back was exactly what I was looking for. I got compliments all night, and was surprisingly able to move around with no issues!

Dress shopping was one of the first things I did, the day I came to Wedding Angels, I actually had 3 other appointments elsewhere. My dress ended up being the 6th one I had tried on, and knew it was the one for me! Each dress I tried on was beautiful, but when I found mine it incorporated everything I loved about the other dresses into one, and I couldn’t have done it without the knowledge and help from Cindi! After explaining what I wanted, Cindi provided me with dresses she knew I would like, and even some I was hesitant towards but proved to like once I tried them. She got me to look outside of my comfort zone and I loved it. I ended up canceling all other appointments I had for the day, and said yes to the most beautiful dress!

My experience at Wedding Angels was wonderful from day one. I was always greeted warmly, and the fittings were a breeze.



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