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Real Bride Spotlight: Kara

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Real Bride Kara and her husband Greg had a beautiful wedding in North Georgia full of fun live music and a whole lot of dancing. Read more about their amazing celebration below!

My husband Greg and I met in March 2013 at our mutual friend's 25th birthday party.  All the girls wore wigs for the celebration, so I was in a platinum blonde wig. We got engaged four years later to the EXACT date on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.  It was the best trip ever!

For our wedding, we just wanted to throw a fun party.  We have been to so many weddings since we've been together so I knew what my favorite elements were in a wedding: good food, an open bar, and awesome music. Our colors were navy and gold with pops of orange and peach (my favorite color has always been orange but I didn't want to over-do it).

My favorite memory from the wedding is definitely the reception and having fun with our friends and family.  Greg and I were dancing with my parents to Billy Joel's Piano Man and everyone was in a circle around us. It was so much fun. 

For my dress, I wanted to be comfortable without looking TOO comfortable. This dress was perfect for that.  My mom had actually picked it out because I thought I didn't like beading, so she just asked me to try it on.  It was so comfortable and looked like it was made to fit me. 

My Wedding Angels experience was amazing from start to finish.  Everyone at the shop was SO incredibly friendly and accommodating. I really can't say enough about how much I love this place.  I wish I could shop at places like this all the time!

Videographer: Zach Veatch

Wedding Coordinator: Arrowed Beginnings



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