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Real Bride Spotlight: Hope

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Hope and Kurt celebrated their love with a fun, vibrant 70's themed wedding! Read all about their beautiful day below.

We met during college at Kennesaw State University. We rolled in the same circles, but we didn’t meet until we both volunteered for an event called Dance Marathon which raised money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. We bonded over our passion for the kids (FTK) and of course, hula-hooping.

I grew up in Roswell and Kurt knows how much I love this city. He proposed right across from MAC McGees where (the new-at-the-time) silver flower was. Unlike most girls, I was actually completely shocked! I didn’t have my nails done  and I even screamed “WHAT?!” at the top of my lungs.

It was so special because it was just us that shared that moment together, but after he gathered all of our family and friends to celebrate in Roswell. It was so perfect and exactly what I wanted. 

We went for the bohemian, 70’s, sunflower power theme. We had Polaroid cameras, a red ‘68 Cadillac get-away car, and, of course, beautiful sunflowers. It was such a party! I have an Armenian background so we incorporated some traditional wedding dances, too. We had a candy bar and a late night snack of Chick-fil-A. Our guys wore navy and the girls wore grey. 

I “iced” Kurt when he went to find my garter. It pumped the crowd up and the pictures are hilarious! We also loved watching our friends Armenian dance with my relatives and just dancing the night away with our family and friends. 

As for my dress, the train was my favorite! The beautiful lace details were incredible, too.

I went dress shopping right after we picked our venue (Ivy Hall) so I knew what kind of dress would fit our theme — even though any dress would be fabulous there! That venue rocks. 

I knew I would find my dress at Wedding Angels. I don’t even know why I tried other places first... my friends, family friends, and sorority sisters have all gotten their dresses at Wedding Angels. Everything about this place is amazing!

From Alicia killing it at the front desk, to Karin being absolutely amazing and honest— when I walked in, I felt like family! I love how they even wrote me a sweet note to put on my wedding dress bag. Wedding Angels is the best! 

Wedding Planner/Flowers - Kristina Eaton Ltd

Hair and Makeup - Katrina Bailey and Courtney Thurmond 



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