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Our paper obsession

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique owner Jacquie Westney dishes on her paper obsession and how it evolved into custom invitations and stationery design for brides.

I love paper. I’m obsessed with paper. No seriously – it’s a bit of an issue for me. I have three drawers in my office filled with stationery. I ordered my children’s monogrammed stationery while they were still IN UTERO! No, I’m not joking! What else was I supposed to write baby shower thank you notes on? Just keeping it classy, folks!

I start working on our family Christmas card in August. Seriously. I live for the outfit selection, the photoshoot inspiration, and crafting the perfect card layout and wording. I don’t so much look forward to the photoshoot itself-because let’s be real, photographing 3 boys under nine is nobody’s idea of fun. Even if you do have several Mimosa’s before the photographer shows up. Anyway, I digress…

Stationery is my signature gift for every occasion – Christmas gifts for my parents and in-laws, housewarming gift, and just because gift. One year, I even created custom fold-over note cards for my family. Now tell me that doesn’t score more extra credit points with the mother-in-law than a TJ Maxx gift card!

And should we talk about parties? Showers? Bridesmaids’ Brunches? Open Houses at Wedding Angels? Yes, I love to cook and entertain in our home. But I may or may not have hosted certain events JUST because I needed an excuse to design the absolute most lovely and beautiful invitation.

The obsession doesn’t stop once I’ve sent or received gorgeous stationery either. I think I have saved every invitation and announcement ever sent to me since I moved out of my parents’ house and finally started receiving things addressed to my independent self. Every once in a while my hubby works up the nerve to try one more time to convince me to purge some of these trinkets. It NEVER works! I just can’t part with what is often my “opening memory” of a favorite event that we have attended.

There are probably self-help books and support groups for people with my addiction. But instead of going the “I need help for this obsession” route, I decided to just up the ante 3 years ago and bring my love of stationery into Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique. I love sharing my passion for all things paper with our brides, to them put the personal touch on their guests’ first impression of their highly anticipated wedding events.

We have everything from industry classics like Carlson Craft and Checkerboard, to complete custom capability with local production and designs by yours truly! And, while the invite might be the first step in the wedding vision, we love keeping up with our brides with their custom stationery and party invites – all the way until the baby showers!

Contact us to setup your consultation!

- Jacquie



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