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Modern Meets Vintage: Classic dress styles perfect for any style of wedding

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Timeless looks meet modern trends in some of our favorite looks of the season!

When you think of your wedding, do you picture a classic affair or something more modern? If you’re like many brides, it’s probably a balance between the two. The desire for something trendy that still feels timeless is one that resonates throughout the wedding industry, but nothing changes quite as much from time to time as fashion does.

To strike this balance, and to avoid wedding looks that will instantly date your wedding in photos like a puffy-sleeved dress from the 80s, wedding dress designers have been exploring vintage-inspired necklines and silhouettes with a modern twist, like exaggerated structure or trendy fabrics. Here are some of our favorite looks that perfectly marry the classic with the contemporary.

This stunning scoop-neck, slightly off-the-shoulder gown is the perfect example of a timeless design. Based on the chosen accessories and the rest of the wedding decor, this dress could go full-vintage or minimalist chic.

More obviously vintage-inspired is this gown. With embellishments and flutter sleeves, , this gown is perfectly paired with a short veil for a vintage-inspired look that channels everything we love about boho trends.

Perhaps the ultimate balance between classic and modern is something like this gorgeous boat-neck dress with long sleeves and a fit and flare silhouette. Paired with a sparkly embellished belt, this dress would be equally at home with a birdcage veil and nosegay bouquet as it would be with cascading greenery and trendy accessories.

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