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Our own Wedding Angel says "YES!" to her dress

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Today we're so excited to share the bridal experience of one of our very own Wedding Angels Bridal Consultants, Brittany! You may remember Brittany from one of our earlier posts that focused on highlighting what the amazing members of our team love most about working in the industry. Read about her very own Wedding Angels experience below.

With friends, coworkers and family present, Brittany embarked on a her own search to find her perfect wedding gown.

Everyone comes in with a different idea of what they think their dream dress will look like, and for Brittany it was no different! Although she had an idea of the dress she loved in mind from the start, Brittany wanted to ensure she explored all her options and that she could have that special "bridal moment" in front of those she loved most!

For Brittany, the most important thing was not to find a dress that fit into any sort of theme, but instead to choose a gown that made her feel most beautiful. To find the perfect fit, she tried on ornate and simple gowns, alike. And, because she works in the wedding industry, having something unique and different was at the forefront of Brittany's search.

Brittany's time spent at the boutique as a bride, and not as a consultant, was nothing short of sentimental. The Wedding Angels team is truly a family, and having everyone be a part of such a special occasion meant that Brittany would not only be spending time with those she loves most, but also be on the receiving end of the most honest and helpful feedback she could hope for throughout her search.

Brittany has seen, and loved, so many gowns in the boutique on her brides, and trying on those same styles was such a testament to how every dress looks different on every person! For Brittany, finding her dream gown was truly a testament to "when you know, you know."

After trying on over fifteen gowns, Brittany ended up with the style she had loved from the start and was able to enjoy her very own bridal moment she that she had witnessed so many other women have before her.

It was such a treat to be a part of her wedding planning experience, and we can't wait to see this beauty marry the love of her life!



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