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Dress up with Garner Style and Essense of Australia

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

We had the absolute pleasure of welcoming Chastity, Atlanta blogger at Garner Style, into our boutique over the summer to experience Wedding Angels’ plus-size gowns.

Chastity is already married, but she was partnering with Essense of Australia, one of our favorite designers we carry at Wedding Angels, to show off their gorgeous new EveryBody EveryBride collection, and we had an absolute ball playing dress-up with her.

Just because she’s already married doesn’t mean that Chastity shouldn’t get the full Wedding Angels experience. With the help of Jacquie, Chastity tried on six gowns from Essense’s new size-inclusive range. She looked beautiful in each and every one, and there were no dressing rooms tears about fit or “envisioning” what a dress would look like with it half open in the back. Essense’s EveryBody EveryBride collection has an extensive selection of gowns to meet any bride’s taste in sizes 18 - 34/36.

Chastity’s favorite was the D2274 dress, which she nicknamed The Audrey Style because she said it made her feel timelessly elegant, like Audrey Hepburn. She looked so beautiful and confident and was so excited to find something that made her feel that way, regardless of the fact that her wedding had already happened.

Hearing Chastity talk about how different her experience with us was from the one she had when she was shopping for her own wedding dress gave us all the feels and really highlighted how important it is that designers like Essense of Australia are offering plus-size options. Chastity says she didn’t even get to try on most of the dresses she liked the first time around when shopping elsewhere; she was expected to order the dress without ever seeing what it looked like on her body. Having sample sizes for brides of all shapes and sizes allows them to have their “Say Yes to the Dress moment,” as Chastity said, which is so important for helping them find their dream gowns.

Essense’s EveryBody EveryBride collection has been available in our boutique for more than 3 years. We’re always so excited to meet all of the gorgeous brides who now get to try on Essense of Australia dresses. And even if Essense isn’t the right choice for you, Wedding Angels has always valued having options in-store for plus-size brides, so come visit us to see our extensive selection of 18+ sample sizes. Regardless of your size, you deserve the ultimate bridal experience, and we can’t wait to help you find your dream dress.

Photography by Aspen Cierra Photography for Garner Style.

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