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Wedding Angels Instagram Roundup

Admiring our new black velvet hangers hanging in the boutique

We've been loving reading all of our customers' sweet reviews lately! It's absolutely the reason we do what we do (and love it).

The new menswear is looking sharp. Suit up your entire wedding party head-to-toe in stylish looks!

Our Essense of Australia Trunk Show with head designer Martine Harris was so much fun! We loved spending time with the designer and watching so many brides walk away with the gowns of their dreams.

Wedding Angels Bridal Consultant Brittany tied the knot! Make sure to check out our Instagram Story Highlights for all the details.

Want more? Be sure to follow along on Instagram for inspiration, boutique updates, and so much more!

1 comment

1 Comment

Dimitri Pollich
Dimitri Pollich
May 27

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