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Let us be your “Paper” Angels too!
Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique now offers a full line of custom invitations and stationery! After fifteen years of bridal bliss, our entire team of Angels is very excited to bring our highly personalized and attentive service to the world of invites and stationery. Jacquie, owner of Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique has a passion for all-things-paper (seriously, it’s kind of an obsession)! Make an appointment to meet with her and let her personally handle the consultation, design, and production of all of your paper needs.


Save-The-Dates, Wedding Invitations, Reception Cards, RSVP Cards, Thanks Notes
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Personalized Napkins, Menu Cards, Programs, Place Cards, Table Cards
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Informal Party Invites – Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Bridal Luncheon, Bachelorette, Rehearsal Dinner


Personalized Stationery

Return Address Stamps & Embossers
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Why Are Invitations Important?
Almost as memorable as the gown you choose is the invitation and thank you note you send to your guests. The Save-The-Date card or Wedding Invitation is the first exposure your guests will have to the celebration that is your Wedding! Your invite will set the tone for the type of event you are creating. A well-done invitation gives guests an inkling about the event’s formality, activities to expect, attire, food to-be-served and it just might even lend inspiration to the type of gift your guests might give! A beautiful and personalized invitation will excite your guests and have them counting down the days until they can join you to celebrate your big day. A note of thanks written on a coordinated and personalized piece of stationery will make your guests feel honored and will showcase the newlyweds’ gratitude perfectly.

I’m Ready To Design My Wedding Invites. How Does The Process Work?
Make an appointment to meet with Jacquie. She’ll invite you for a glass of champagne or sweet tea and talk with you about the details of your wedding- colors, venue, the overall vibe you’re going for, attire, number of guests, etc. It’s perfectly okay if you don’t have all of that nailed down- but the more information we have to work with the better! We have a collection of hundreds of invitation samples for you to look through. As we find elements of the samples that you like or dislike, Jacquie will suggest design features or standard samples that might be “just the thing”. We will discuss wording, extra enclosure cards, and lots of other exciting details. Jacquie can usually provide a price quote during the initial meeting, so you have immediate results! After our initial consultation, most of the remaining details can be taken care of over the phone and via email. If you fall in love with a collection, we can start the proofing process right away! You will see digital proofs of your invitation and have as many re-proofs as necessary before we send your project to production. Like everything else at Wedding Angels- perfection is our standard!

How Long In Advance Should I Start Designing My Invites?
Yes- you guessed it! As soon as possible! Your wedding invitations need to be mailed out a minimum of 6-8 weeks before your wedding date to allow time for delivery and RSVPs. A comfortable amount of time for ideas, consultation, design, proofing, production, and then delivery is about two-three months. (Yes, we’re serious!) Once your invites arrive in our boutique, you need some time to pick them up, stuff them, and address them or get them to your calligrapher. Add another 2-4 weeks. So, in a perfect world, we would begin working on your wedding invitations 4-6 months before your wedding. BUT…we know this is not a perfect world! You’re working, trying to pin your fiancée down on honeymoon plans, figure out what to do with that pregnant bridesmaid and get your mother-in-law to commit to rehearsal dinner ideas (don’t forget we can help her with a fabulous invite for that too). Throw in the occasional football gameday party, holidays, or bachelorette party in PCB for your college roommate, and all of a sudden you’re waaaay behind schedule and in a panic. Don’t stress! You can trust that our sterling Wedding Angels reputation will apply to all things paper too. Let us be your paper Angels too! Make your appointment today! 770-645-0404

How Much Do Invitations Cost?
Oh boy- well that just depends. The price is calculated according to paper type, envelope style, liner style, enclosures, ink or printing type, and extra considerations like extra proofs or rush fees. A fair expectation for a quantity of 100 simple but elegant custom printed invitations is a minimum of $500-$800. Jacquie is happy to meet with you and create a quote just for you according to your design ideas.

Why Do Invites Cost So Much? It’s Just Paper!
Believe it or not, printing on specialty paper in small quantities is an art. When you purchase high-quality wedding invitations and stationery, you’re paying for more than paper. The images, artwork, monograms and embossing can’t be printed on just any old press. While 100 or even 200 invites seems like a HUGE quantity to you and me, it’s itty-bitty in the world of printing presses. Setting up the press, assembling the type-set (yes, in 2017 they still have to physically assemble the press with your lettering) trimming your paper stock and hand aligning the return address takes time and incredible attention to detail. It’s worth it! I’ve fallen into the order-it-online trap myself in the not-so-distant past. I was horrified when my printed pieces arrived with font so miniature it was totally illegible, and ink on top of a paper color that was nearly transparent. When have you ever put so much time or energy (and money!) into a party you’re throwing?!?!? The quality that results from custom ordering invites with an in-person consult and a custom project-based printer is something you will never regret.

Make your appointment today! 770-645-0404


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