Alterations at Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique 

What are alterations?

Alterations are the multi-step-process of custom-fitting your wedding gown to your exact proportions!  This is when we put the finishing touches on your gown to achieve absolute perfection for your wedding day look!

How long is the appointment?

Fitting appointments for alterations are 30 minutes.  We know it sounds short, but we’ll see you 3-4 times so we have plenty of time together to make your dress fit like a dream!

How many fittings will I actually have?

The average bride has 3 to 4 fittings. Please note more fittings may be required in some instances.  We are absolute perfectionists on behalf of our brides, and sometimes perfection requires multiple visits- please keep your schedule as flexible as possible.

When do I pay for my alterations?

Your gown and alterations must be paid for in full before work is begun on your gown.  There is a flat fee for the entire process, so you pay at your first fitting and in most cases* there are no further charges after that point.  

What Should I bring with me?

Please note you must bring your shoes, and any undergarments that you think you might wear to ALL of your fittings. This includes flats!  If you do not bring your shoes you may be rescheduled.  The heel height must be consistent each fitting in order to adjust and confirm your hem.

How many guests can I bring with me?

We recommend a maximum of 2 trusted guests to your appointment. This is the bride’s time to have open communication with us on creating her perfect fit. The topic of body proportions and fit is a sensitive subject for many of our brides, so be sure you’ve invited only guests that you feel the most comfortable with.  You need to be able to speak freely and focus on communications about your body in your gown.  Be sure your guests will not hinder that process!

Can I bring snacks?

Please do not bring food or drinks to your appointment.  Wedding Angels treats every gown with special care and we do not want to take the risk of any refreshments damaging your gown.

What If I lose or gain weight?

Once we start the work on your gown it is important that you maintain the current measurements that we take at your first alteration fitting appointment.  Significant changes in weight will result in multiple fittings and additional fees.

What if I am running late?

You will be re-scheduled if you are more than 15 minutes late.  Please be advised- appointments during high season book up very quickly, and it may not be easy to reschedule an appointment that was made long in advance.  Please take note of traffic or weather that may cause delays and plan accordingly.

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